Historically Delicious Pork, Chicken, and More Since 2016.

caldwell County, nc


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The Pork

Pigs on our farm are raised outdoors, freely foraging on tree nuts and vegetation. We supplement their diet with non-GMO grain from an area feed mill. We use a USDA certified abattoir for processing to bring you the best hand raised pork around.

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The Poultry

Our poultry begins as chicks in our A-frame brooder. They are then moved to green pasture in protective wooden pens. Moved to fresh grass daily, they forage as much of their diet as they can enjoy. They are supplemented with non-GMO grain from our area feed mill. We process our poultry on the farm to provide you with delicious, nutrient dense chicken.


The People

Tyler and Kyle Case, who are 5th Generation residents of Caldwell County, strive to assist in creating a culture of local pride through quality food products and the support of other local businesses. We hope you’ll join us!



Locally grown, family owned.

We implement regenerative agricultural methods to provide the land, our animals and you with a wholesome, healthy alternative to conventionally produced meat. All of the grains fed on our farm are sourced from a Non-GMO Project verified feed mill.